David OReilly

David OReilly is an Irish filmmaker and artist based in Los Angeles. He made some amazing films you should watch (The External World among others), directed “Alien Child” video game sequences in Her (film written & directed by Spike Jonze) and wrote, directed and produced season 5, episode 15 (“A Glitch Is A Glitch”) from Adventure Time. Mountain is […]


Jonatan Söderström (a.k.a Cactus) is a swedish game developer making weird, rad and bizarre amazing games. He co-founded Dennaton Games with Dennis Wedin and made Hotline Miami. He also has a band named Crystal Boys. Now he answers our questions!  1. How long have you been making games? A bit over ten years now. 2. How many […]

Simon Carless

If you really want to know about the indie gaming scene, you should check on this guy. Simon worked as a game designer from 1996 to 2003, then some really random stuff, then editor/EIC of Game Developer magazine and Gamasutra while helping with IGF, then doing management things for Game Developers Conference and Gamasutra while founding […]

Vlambeer three years ago!

Nico Saraintaris Three years ago, I asked Vlambeer a few questions for a personal project of mine and they kindly answered. Today, that project is long gone. Speaking with Damian Troncoso (the other half of Beavl), we decided to restart this “interview thingy” and call it We Ask Indies. Every Wednesday we will upload a different […]