Kirill Nepomnyaschy

Kirill Nepomnyaschy makes lots of interesting little games. His last game (Watch Your Step) is one of our favourite entries from Ludum Dare 29 (Theme: Beneath the Surface). And now he answers our questions! 1. How long have you been making games? I started to work on first game in summer 2009, when I read Blame! […]

Pohung Chen

Pohung Chen is one of the guys behind the experimental first person perception puzzle game called Perspective. He is a really interesting dev  having “too many side projects” (you know how much we love prolific people!) Now he answers our questions. 1. How long have you been making games? I’ve been making games since high school. […]

Agustín Cordes

Agustín Cordes is a developer from Argentina with a really twisted mind (some of his tweets and Facebook status are among my favorites). He is the creator of Scratches, a cult adventure game and the first one ever to be made in Argentina. After successfully funding his kickstarter campaign earlier this year, he is working in an even […]