Swedish studio Simogo surely knows how to make great games. We asked them some questions and here are the answers!


Simogo by J. Aldeguer!


1. How long have you been making games?

Simogo have been around since August 2010. Before that me and Gordon made digital downloadable games for Southend for about three years. So professionally it must be over six years now.

2. Where do you find ideas for your games? Tell us more about your creative process (art direction, writing, level and puzzle design, etc.).

Usually it’s just a little rough idea, gotten during a walk or while lying in bed or so. Then we just discuss and iterate and try to make it into a real concept.
We try to not look to much to other games, but it’s curious how Year Walk and DEVICE6 which are often considered our least ”gamey” games, are those that have been most influenced by other puzzle games.

3. Do you prototype game ideas? If so, do you have an early build of a discarded idea you would like to rework? Tell us about it!

We do indeed prototype, but our prototypes are more vertical slices than prototypes. To see if an idea is enjoyable, we need to get the full picture including art and sound. All those are elements that will make your game enjoyable, so making a prototype without those is not very meaningful for us, unless it’s just a prototype to see if one mechanic actually works in reality and not just theory.
No, our discarded ideas are often discarded for a reason!

4. It seems that movement is a thing for Simogo. Kosmo Spin (circular), Bumpy Road (modifying the ground), Beat Sneak Bandit (rhythm), Year Walk (x and y-axes) and Device6 (text as a roadmap)… Do you agree? And also, what’s next?

I think you are probably right yes. I guess it is because we’re very fascinated about coming up with new control schemes and systems. I don’t know what’s next!

5. Device 6 is a great narrative experience. What do you think of the future of storytelling in touch devices?

I think there is more to explore and hopefully we’ll have the chance to do just that in the future.

6. Concerning your games, what is the most interesting feedback you have received from users?

It’s always interesting to get feedback from disabled players, and it’s tough to make a game work for everyone as our games are based on so many different things than just touch –listening, reading, and so on.

7. If you have to choose three and only three game developers to follow their work closely, which ones would you choose and why?

Only three, that’s rough. I have many favourites, but I think following someone closely should probably mean they are making something that is especially interesting, different or pushes the medium in some meaningful way. So, any individual or a group of people that does that!

8. Are you a heavy gamer? What games are you playing now?

I’m playing Pokemon Y, which I really love. Also trying to find time for Ace Attorney 5.

9. And one last random question. If you could adapt any of your games into a film, which one would you choose? Who would direct it? And finally, who would be in the cast?

Good question. Both Year Walk and DEVICE6 would probably work as films, but I’d prefer the format of a TV-Show. I don’t know who would direct DEVICE6, but I’d love to have Stephen Fry’s voice heard through an old speaker…

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